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WELCOME to our Yoga & Mindfulness retreat! 

I am Birgid Mäekink and I am from Tartu, Estonia. I wish to share with you the gift of living a conscious and holistic life. Being centered in the heart, at peace with great love for all that surrounds us are the core values shared with the incredible beings I have met on the path: Adélaïde, Gabriel and Samuel.

Together we have put together for you a magical week-end of yoga, meditation, holistic healing and chanting - we'll make sure you eat well, sleep happy, stretch enough, and go home with a reinforced new light in your heart ! 

Come join us !


* Hatha & Aroma Yoga *

* Meditation & Mindfulness Practices * 

* Dance Movement Practice * 

* Introduction to Essentials Oils *  

* Basic principles of Ayurveda * 

* Sacred Chants * 





Gabriel Girard


Gabriel is a french-canadian yoga teacher trained at the Integral Yoga Institute of New York city in 2011 under the guidance of Swami Satchidananda’s teachings. He has taugth in Manhattan, Montreal & Lyon. He has been a yoga practioner since 2007 and an active meditator since 2012 through Vipassana meditation retreat. Also a devoted musician, Gabriel accompanies sacred chanting on the guitar - his aim is to rise the energy level and create a safe space in which people can profoundly feel and transform oneself. . He currently continues deepening his yoga practice by following the yogic path of B.K.S Iyengar.

Samuel Lenaerts


From Belgium, Samuel is currently head chef at "Chez Soline" one of Lyon's first and only organic & vegetarian restaurant. He passionately learned his healthy cooking skills while voluntereering in many community and ashrams kitchens. He believes cooking and feeding others is an act of the heart -  the energy you put in the food you serve is extremely important. Also a yoga teacher, he found himslef immersed in Sivananda's teachings in 2012. Deeply dedicated to sacred chanting he has accompanied satsangs with his harmonium for many years. He is currently deepening his yoga practice by following the yogic path of B.K.S Iyengar.

Adélaïde Klarwein


" I believe anyone can connect with their inner healer "

Student in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Adelaide has been on the path of self-healing since she met Gabriel in 2011. Through Yoga, 10-day meditation reatreats, Dance therapy and plant medecine journeys, Adelaide is walking the path to the inner being, self healing and inconditional love. She believes everyone has the capacity to heal themselves through a number of pratices such as self love, healthy eating, conscious body cognition and alternative medecine. Adelaide will invite you to dive deeper inside and meet with your inner guide to find your peace of mind and heart.


Birgid Mäekink


Birgid is a teacher and a singer. She started using her voice to inspire and touch other at an early age. Throughout her year in France she experienced the beauty of sacred mantra chanting and satsangs. As a student in literature, she interwines Estonian poetry and sanscrit to elevate the soul and heart. Also passionate about healthy eating she often spends time experimenting with new Vegan recipes according to basic ayurveda principles. Through her spiritual journey in France she has met wonderful friends, whom she decided to invite in her beloved country to share the gifts of love and peace with her friends and family. She is the lightfilled heart of this retreat!

Online Registration


To register for the retreat, proceed to register now in order to secure your place. A confirmation and a bill will be sent to you by email once we've received your payment. For further questions or comments, please send us an email through the contact form at the end of this page. 


Cottage & Housing


Welcome in the heart of Haanja's nature! We will be hosting you in this beautiful old farmhouse fully renovated for you comfort. Surrounded by parks, forests, lakes and hills, you will be in the most perfect surrounding to restore and replenish your mind, body and soul ! 

How to get there: Tamme holiday cottages are located half way between Rõuge and Haanja

( Kurgjärve road). If you drive from Võru to Haanja 1. in Haanja village you must turn right towards Rõuge. 2. Drive 4 km until on the right side of the road you see large wooden gates 3. turn on the right side of the gates .

1. If you come from Rõuge , find the church in Rõuge and drive straight out so that the Church is on your right. 2. Do not turn at the church Ööbikuoru 3. go straight until you reach the cross of three roads  4. from there, hold on to Haanja and drive another 4 Km and you will find on the left side our wooden gates .

You can also come by bus. The bus stop is called Udsali.

Coordinates: 57°44'3''N 26°59'51''E


Ligipääsujuhend: Tamme puhkemajad asuvad poolel teel Rõuge ja Haanja vahel (Kurgjärve tee). Kui sõidad Võrust Haanjasse, siis Haanja külas tuleb keerata paremale Rõuge suunas (esimene tee). Sõida 4 km ja paremal tee ääres on suured puidust väravad, keera väravate alt paremale puhkemaja õuele. Kui tulla Rõuge poolt, siis leia üles kirik ja sõida Rõugest otse välja nii, et kirik jääb paremat kätt. Ära keera Kiriku juurest Ööbikuoru tee peale, sealt läheb vale tee Haanjasse, vaid sõida otse, kuni jõuad kolme tee risti. Sealt hoiad Haanja peale ja sõidad veel 4 km ning leiadki vasakut kätt meie puidust väravad. On võimalik tulla ka ühistranspordiga. Lähim bussipeatus on Udsalis.

Koordinaadid: 57°44'3''N 26°59'51''E


- Yoga & Mindfulness retreat -

             Includes : 3 days/2 nights + Meals & workshops


Early Bird Special for full payment before June 1st!

190 euros 

After June 1st

220 euros


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Questions, comments : let us know how you feel and things you wonder about. 

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